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  1. Randy Zarowny

    If you know where to look you can find traces of the Capilano Timber logging railway.
    Timbers from the Houlgate trestle can be found in the creek.
    Looking for photos of the rail link to the PGE and CNR which could be at the foot of Pemberton and east.

  2. Pamela Roberts

    HI there
    I would be interested in seeing the timbers from the Houlgate trestle. Do you know roughly where they can be spotted?

    1. stuart hill

      Thanks for your interest in the post!
      I’m not sure where you can spot the remains of the trestle and a bit of Googling hasn’t helped to shed much light unfortunately. Perhaps another contributor will be able to help you.
      In the meantime however, I can suggest that they might be spotted in the Capilano River Regional Park Area, especially near Houlgate Park, which is in the northwesterly corner of the regional park.
      A couple of tid bits in the meantime.
      An image of what are likely the remains of the trestle in 1956 is available on the West Vancouver Library’s digital collection. The record says that the site of remains is “below the Cleveland Dam”. Here’s the link:

      Seems some exploring is in order!

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