Valentine’s Messages from Canadian Pacific

Canadian Pacific Telegram book cover

Canadian Pacific Telegram book cover

It’s 1912 and you are reclining on your Canadian Pacific Railway seat having just finished a hearty lunch of roast beef and custard pudding. You gaze out at the prairie scenery and think ahead fondly to your family waiting for you at home – it’s been a long trip and you are looking forward to seeing them in 2 day’s time.

Then you open up the newspaper and spill your coffee, just a little bit, as you notice the date.  February 14th – you forgot Valentine’s Day.

Never fear!  Your trusty CP Rail porter can organize a telegram to be sent at the next stop, to be delivered by a uniformed messenger (location dependent) and enclosed in an attractive envelope.  And if you aren’t the poetic type, take advantage of one of these specially prepared texts to declare your love:

I picked my Valentine for life, sweetest and fairest of all, my wife.

Prefer something a little more dramatic?

Faint heart, they say, ne’er won fair lady. My heart is strong for you this Valentine’s Day.

Or maybe it’s for someone that you’re still wooing:

Be my Valentine. Say you care. Give all those other guys the air.

And there’s always this one. Perhaps racier-sounding today than in 1912:

You’re dearest to me of all your sex. All I can say is x x x.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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