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Update: A list current in May 2017 can be found here: http://digitize.library.ubc.ca/uncategorized/bc-historical-newspapers-update-2017/

The BC Historical Newspapers portal is one of our most heavily used digital collections. Occasionally we are delightfully surprised to find out about the creative ways people find to use the collections. Two of our favourite projects come to us courtesy of the great work by folks at Heritage Vancouver and the Revelstoke Museum & Archives: Heritage Vancouver used the Daily Building Record to locate previously missing 1912 Vancouver building permits for the Heritage Vancouver Society Building Permits Database Revelstoke Museum & Archives is using several BC Historical Newspapers titles in the history of snow and avalanche research for an upcoming exhibit. In the process, they are finding information on previously unknown avalanche events and will be adding them to the Canadian Avalanche Centre Database Have you used the BC Historical Newspapers for your own project? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

New in BC Historical Newspapers

Over the past few months, DI staff have been quietly adding issues to the BC Historical Newspapers portal. Since the site first launched in November 2011 we have added 9 new titles in addition to completing the remaining partial runs of 9 of the original titles. In all we have added an additional 8000 issues consisting of over 42,000 pages of community newspapers, nearly matching the original 45,000 pages.

Additional Issues added
Cumberland News 1897-1915
 District Ledger (Fernie) Various other titles 1893-1919
 Boundary Creek Times (Greenwood) 1896-1911
 Ledge (Greenwood) 1906-1926
 Moyie Leader 1898-1911
 Economist (Nelson) 1897-1906
 Miner (Nelson) 1890 (not 1891)-1898
 Tribune (Nelson) 1892-1902
 Daily Building Record (Vancouver) 1912-1914
Recently added titles
Anaconda News 1901-1905
Coast News (Gibsons)
(Courtesy of Sunshine Coast Museum and Archives)
1945-1977, 1983-1989
Enderby Press & Walker’s Weekly (various other titles) 1909-1921
The Independent (Vancover) 1900-1903
Western Call (Vancouver) 1910-1916
Orchard City Record (Kelowna) 1908-1911
Nicola Valley News (Merritt) 1910-1916
Revelstoke Herald 1897-1905

What’s next?

A pilot project to move the digitized back issues of UBC’s student newspaper, the Ubyssey from its current home to the BC Historical Newspapers portal has been completed. Starting later this year, we will begin adding issues from 1918-2010. Thanks to the support from a very generous donor, we will also begin adding over 100 titles of early community newspapers in 2013-2014. Coming up:

Upcoming additions (subject to change)
Agassiz Record 1923
Armstrong Advance and Spallumcheen Advocate 1905-1906
West Fork News (Beaverdell) 1901
Bennett Sunday 1899-1900
Brooklyn News 1898
Radium (Canford) 1917
Cascade Record 1898-1901
Chase Tribune 1912-1914
Chilliwack Free Press 1911-1912
Fraser Advance (Chilliwack) 1907
Surrey Times (Cloverdale) 1895
Coalmount Courier 1912
Review (Columbia) 1899
Review (Courtenay) 1912-1918
Weekly News (Courtenay) 1892-1896
Cranbrook Herald 1898-1927
Prospector (Cranbrook) 1905-1915
Crofton Gazette & Cowichan News 1902
Islander (Cumberland) 1910-1916
Cumberland Islander 1917-1931
Duncan Enterprise & Vancouver Island Advertiser 1900-1903
Echo (Duncan) 1908-1909
Advance (Fairview) 1894
Lardeau Eagle (Ferguson) 1900-1904
Glenora News 1898
East Kootenay Miner (Golden) 1897-1898
Golden Era 1893-1902
Times (Golden) 1907-1909
Grand Forks Sunday 1914-1920
Evening Sunday (Grand Forks) 1902-1910
Grand Forks Miner 1896-1898
Grand Forks Sun & Kettle Valley Orchardist 1911-1913, 1921-1932
Daily Times (Greenwood) 1900
Greenwood Miner 1899-1901
Omineca Herald (Hazelton) 1908-1912
Omineca Miner (Hazelton) 1911-1918
Hazelton Queek 1880-1881
Hosmer Times 1910
Kamloops Wawa 1901-1917
British Columbia News (Kaslo) 1897-1898
Evening Kootenaian (Kaslo) 1898
Kelowna Record 1912-1920
Keremoeos Chronicle 1908-1909
Delta News (Ladner) 1902-1908
Delta Times (Ladner) 1903-1914
Lillooet Advance 1911
Prospector (Lillooet) 1898-1917
Marysville Tribune 1901-1902
Nicola Herald 1908-1909
Mission City News 1893
Despatch (Morrissey) 1904
Morrrissey Mention 1916-1917
 Morrrissey Miner 1903
Arrow Lake Advocate (Nakusp) 1914
Daily Telegram (Nanaimo) 1893
Nanaimo Courier 1899
Nanaimo Mail 1896
Westward Ho (Nanaimo) 1886
Daily Canadian (Nelson) 1906-1908
Kootenay Liberal (Nelson) 1908
Lowery’s Claim (Nelson) 1901-1906
Nelson Daily Miner 1898-1902
Nelson Weekly Miner 1899
Slocan Mining Review (New Denver) 1906-1908
Slocan Record 1911
Daily News (New Westminster) 1906-1914
New Westminster Times 1859-1961
Pacific Canadian (New Westminster) 1893-1894; 1916-1917
Nicola Herald 1905-1908
Express (North Vancouver) 1905-1912
Okanagan Mining Review 1893
Penticton Press 1907-1909
Nugget (Poplar) 1903-1904
Loyalist (Port Essington) 1908
Port Essington Loyalist 1909
Star (Port Essington) 1908
Sunday (Port Essington) 1907-1908
Port Moody Gazette 1883-1887
North Coast (Port Simpson) 1907-1908
Prince Rupert Journal 1910-1917
Prince Rupert Optimist 1909-1911
Quartz Creek Miner 1897
Queen Charlotte Island 1911-1914
Kootenay Star (Revelstoke) 1890-1894
Mail Herald (Revelstoke) 1906-1917
Evening World (Rossland) 1901-1904
Industrial World (Rossland) 1899-1901
Prospector (Rossland) 1895
Saturday World (Rossland) 1903
Paystreak (Sandon) 1896-1902
Silverton 1898-1901
Slocan Drill 1900-1905
Cassiar News (Stewart) 1919-1926
Slocan Prospector (Kaslo) 1895
Lardeau Mining Review (Trout Lake) 1904-1907
Coast Miner (Van Anda) 1900
BC Labour News (Vancouver) 1921-1922
BC Lumberman (Vancouver) 1904-1905
BC Trades Unionist (Vancouver) 1908-1909
Vancouver Building Record 1911
Greater Vancouver Chinook 1912-1917
Labor Star (Vancouver) 1919
Leader-Advocate (Vancouver) 1923
Mt. Pleasant Advocate (Vancouver) 1904-1907
Red Flag (Vancouver) 1918-1919
Western Clarion (Vancouver) 1904-1924
British Columbia Tribune (Yale) 1866
Ymir Herald 1905
Ymir Miner 1898
Ymir Mirror 1904

29 responses to “BC Historical Newspapers Update”

  1. Heritage Vancouver Society

    This is such an amazing project and resource, and many thanks to your generous donor!

    In addition to this resource enabling us to locate missing building permits and key data for Vancouver’s building heritage in 1912, we’ve been using the Daily Building Record from 1912 to 1920 to locate *thousands* of missing detailed descriptions in the historic building permits, which we’re now going through and adding into our online publicly available database.

    The Daily Building Record/BC Record is the only publication and source which luckily captured this info on a daily basis, as this info no longer exists within the City, or within any other form.

  2. Ole Juul

    I’ll be most excited to see the old Coalmont Courier digitized. I’ve looked at them, but the Princeton Museum doesn’t have a way to digitize them and it would be nice to read them properly. I live in Coalmont and have been publishing the New Coalmont Courier for a few years. And yes, its focus is as local as it was in 1912.

  3. anita

    I’m very interested in knowing when you might be digitizing the The Prospector from Lillooet up to 1917, or the Lillooet, 1911

  4. Cathy K

    This is excellent news. Thank to all involved!

  5. Paula O

    Any current updates as to when the Lillooet Prospector will be available?

  6. Greg

    Glad to see more digitized information.. Can you please tell me which area the “quartz creek miner” originated from? Possibly the creek in cassiar? Or maybe revelstoke?

    Thanks for the great info

  7. Cathy

    Thank you so much for all your hard work. The ability to find a piece of family history and finally put the pieces together is a feeling like no other. I can’t wait for the New Westminster and Surrey papers to be added. Thank you again.

  8. glen belbeck

    Excellent collection. Used a universal search to help fill in the timeline for the McVittie brothers of East Kootenay. Wishing the Cranbrook newspapers (Herald and Prospector) were also available, as there would be lots of additional references.

    Glen Belbeck – Calgary

    1. Bronwen Sprout

      Thanks Glen! The Cranbrook Herald and Prospector will be coming online towards the middle of next year – stay tuned.

  9. Dan

    This is an amazing project. I’m a Cumberland resident and am particularly eager to browse in its papers from 1910-1931! But I’ll use several of the different publications as I move into the teaching of BC and Vancouver Island history. Thanks UBC, and to your donor/s as well.

  10. Alan Pickard

    Can you tell me when the Hazelton newspapers will be available? I read them on a microfilm reader some years ago but need to do more research. Thank you, Alan

  11. Emily Chicorli

    Hi Alan,

    Thank you for your interest in the BC Historical Newspapers project. We anticipate that the Hazelton newspapers will probably be available late May/early June 2015.

  12. Gloria Currie

    Hi Mike, the Quartz Creek Miner was a newspaper we put together as part of Ymir’s centennial in 1998. It contained historical information pulled from many difference sources. I haven’t heard of a paper by that name being published in Ymir’s heyday but I’m really looking forward to being able to read the Herald, the Ymir Mirror and the Miner once they are digitized.

  13. Greg Nesteroff

    Hi Gloria,

    The Quartz Creek Miner published from at least March to September 1897 before being renamed the Ymir Miner. Hardly any copies survive. The BC Legislative Library has the edition of 2 Sept 1897 (v. 1, n. 24) while Touchstones Nelson has a hard copy of the special illustrated edition of 28 Oct 1897. The latter is an amazing document if you haven’t seen it, full of photos that don’t appear anywhere else.

  14. Sarah

    Hello there.. Do you know when the Sandon Paystreak will become available online?
    Thanks for all the great work!

    1. alexandra kuskowski

      Hi Sarah,

      Thank you for your interest in the BC Historical Newspapers project. We anticipate that the Sandon Paystreak newspapers will probably be available by the end of 2015.

  15. Alan Pickard

    Hello again. Thank you for working hard to get these newspapers on line. Can you tell me why the Smithers, Interior News (which began its life in Aldermere) is not on the list?

    1. alexandra kuskowski

      Hi Alan,

      For BC Historical Newspapers Project we collected all of the available newspapers in the UBC Rare Books and Special Collections archives. If the newspaper you are looking for is not on the list, it may be because it wasn’t available or weren’t part of the archives at that time. Thanks for your interest!

  16. Margaret-Anne Baxter

    Any idea when the Omenica Herald and Omenica Miner might be on line? – I thought end of May-June but apparently not! Thanks for all the work you’ve done so far – appreciated!

  17. Bill Howard

    I look fwd to the digital Ymir Miner & Lowery’s Claim (Nelson) & the 4 Rossland papers; I see Rossland is not yet represented. Great work!
    Is it poss. to have the Rossland Weekly Miner online too??

    1. snoleprd


      Thank you for your comment. We enjoy putting up these wonderful resources. The “Rossland Weekly Miner” is not that we have access to through the BC Archives so that will not be part of the collection.

  18. Bonnie Sitter

    This is a strange request. I live in Ontario and my father L.V.Hogarth joined the 161st Battalion here in Huron County. After arriving in England he was assigned to the 47th New Westminster group and fought in France and Belgium. He sent home a letter with a cartoon drawn on it. He appears to be signed by Bill Boardman. My father described him as a cartoonist for a BC newspaper and a Division Lightweight Boxing Champion. He and my father were both scouts and my dad ended up a sargent sniper.
    I would love to share this historical letter with Mr Boardman’s family. We feel it is very special. I am hoping maybe someone would take on this project. We are celebrating 100 years since the 161st left Huron County in October 1916 to serve their country.
    A play is being developed, and we will have a dinner, parade, church service, concert and a speaker series.
    We shall remember them.
    Bonnie Hogarth Sitter Exeter Ontario 519 235 1909 bonnie.sitter@gmail.com

  19. Mike Cleven

    interesting to note the Greater Vancouver Chinook on here, George Matheson Murray’s first startup and where he first hired his future wife Margaret Lally (aka “Ma Murray”) as his assistant. Apparently he wrote some glowing prose regularly; I’m looking forward to seeing it. They had another publication she started at that time…. was it Country Life? (same or similar name as a British horsey rag)…about homecooking and running a country home…..

  20. Peter Vander Sar

    The fact that papers such as the Enderby one are available on line is -well – awesome -and in image and editable format, too
    However, I find it awkward to try to put up both at the same time, and to get to the next issue of the paper (do i really ahve to go back to the year calendar) to navigate in a page (unusual overlay locations, including this feedback one – can’t see a ‘send” button) Is it me or am i missing a “how to use” page?
    Thank you
    Enderby & district Museum and Archives volunteer
    PS I am using this method to contact you as I could not use the “comment” within the newspaper area – see above

  21. Marilyn

    Any idea of when the Surrey Times (Cloverdale) 1895 will be available for viewing??

    Very eager to see it 🙂

    Maybe it already is and I am just not finding it?


    1. alyssa hamer

      Hi Marilyn,

      We have digitized 29 issues of the Surrey Times spanning from April to October 1895.
      Happy Reading!

      -Digital Projects Student Librarian

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