Here at the Digitization Centre we are fascinated and excited by the vast amount of primary-source material that our digitization work exposes us to.  Whether a document of historic significance, a beautiful illustration, or even a particularly fine typeface, we are frequently amazed by the materials we’re working to share with the world.  So much so, that not only will we crowd around to ogle a particularly interesting specimen, but we’ve started decorating our workplace with copies of some of our favorites.  But why stop there?  Surely, we can’t be the only ones geeky enough to appreciate such “gems” in our collections, and so we’ve decided to share them here with you.  Below you will find some of our favorites, hand-picked by staff from both existing and upcoming collections.  We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!  

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Birds’ Eye View: UBC’s Planning Stages

Posted on Apr 30, 2012 by slindber
Hooper was one of the original bidders for the construction of the University of British Columbia, and while this European-style campus plan was never made a reality, the sketch, along with the rest of the original submissions, persist in the UBC Library Archives.

Chinese Canadian Stories

Posted on Nov 07, 2011 by goritsas
History is full of amazing stories—of triumph and of loss, of laughter and of tragedy, of hope and of bitterness. But so many stories have been forgotten or ignored. The stories of Chinese Canadians have either been left out of our history, or the stories we hear are often about the terrible things that were […]

British Columbia Historical Newspapers

Posted on Oct 11, 2011 by goritsas
Search and view B.C. community newspapers published from 1865 to 1924. The British Columbia Historical Newspapers Collection makes 24 of B.C.’s earliest newspapers freely available in digital format for the first time!    

Allan Bell talks digitization

Posted on Mar 25, 2011 by mikec
photo by Martin Dee

Tour UBC Library’s Digitization Centre

Posted on by mikec
Jennifer Yip, researcher with the Community Historical Recognition Program, gets a tour of the brand new scanning facilities at UBC.

New Westminster in Flames

Posted on Nov 09, 2010 by jrstrang
See the stunning art collection held in the UBC Library Framed Work Collections.

The Long Ride Home?

Posted on by jrstrang
Learn about the injustices endured by Japanese Canadians during WWII through the Japanese-Canadian Photograph Collection.

Traité Général des Pesches, et histoire des Poissons

Posted on by jrstrang
Research 18th century scientific studies of fishing and economy through Henri-Louis Duhamel du Monceau‘s depictions.

Ubyssey Goes Skydiving

Posted on by jrstrang
Examine the exciting activities of past UBC students through the Alma Mater Society Image Collection.

The Battle of Broodseinde Ridge

Posted on Sep 06, 2010 by jrstrang
Explore World War I through the official photos sent to British diplomats overseas and donated to UBC by the British Consulate in Seattle.

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