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  1. Cesare Marino

    Thank you for posting the Gentile images. My name is Cesare Marino, I am the author of “The Remarkable Carlo Gentile, Italian Photographer of the American Frontier” (Carl Mautz Publishing, 1998). I have been researching images for a revised, expanded edition of my book, so I appreciate your new posting. In the past, I did some identifications of Gentile photographs at the Library of Congress; your second image reads “[Illegible] House on the …]. If you could email me the complete scan front and back of that photograph, I can try to decipher the illegible word, or words. Also, unless you have information that I do not know, I do not understand why you put the range of dates for those Gentile’s photographs as [1860-1885?. We know that Gentile arrived in Victoria, BC, in 1862 and left in 1866 (C. Marino, “Carlo Gentile”, 1998, pp. 5-16), so your braketed dates should read [1862-1866].
    Cesare Marino

    1. mmlam

      Hi Cesare,
      Thanks so much for the corrections on the date metadata for the Gentile images. We really appreciate the help and expertise of researchers like yourself when it comes to enriching our metadata! I have passed your comment along to Rare Books and Special Collections and they will be in touch with you soon regarding UL_1019_0005
      Best regards,

    2. Eric Andersen

      The Pemberton Museum (and BC Archives) identifies this house as “Kettrell’s Halfway House” – Lake Route (C.Gentile 1865)

      1. stuart hill

        Thanks for this feedback and sorry for the strangely long delay in getting back to you. Must have been because your comment was on December 28 and no one was in the office…
        In any case, if you have further information regarding this identification that would be helpful and appreciated, thank you.

  2. Kenneth Favrholdt

    The fourth image down in the selection above from the Uno Langmann Collection clearly reads “Bonaparte River Indians,” not Camloops Indians.

    1. stuart hill

      Right you are!
      It appears that our metadata on Open Collections also gives the title as “Camloops Indians”. https://dx.doi.org/10.14288/1.0053373 (go to image 17). It’s possible that there is some indication in the physical collection that this was ultimately the intended description for this photograph so we will haveto investigate before amending our description.
      Thank you for the feedback.

      1. stuart hill

        As it turns out, “Kamloops Indians” is written on the back of the photograph (the cursive makes the “K” appear somewhat like a “C”, hence the spelling error). Odd that this was chosen as the title for the photograph given the annotation on the front. The description has been amended on Open Collections and at RBSC:
        https://dx.doi.org/10.14288/1.0053373 (image 17)

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