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  1. Laura Van der Flier

    My mother loaned a large number of Murchie photographs to a man who was working on his Masters. At the time this man was a friend of a teacher called Gary Mason ( in Chilliwack). They convinced my mom to let them borrow the pictures. The man claimed he had the photographs stollen from his garage during a period of time when he and his wife were splitting up. The last time my mom contacted this individual was when he had moved to Penticton.
    The pictures were mounted on cardboard panels.
    My mom’s grandfather Sam Smith was in charge of building many of the trestle bridges built for the railway through BC. He hired Murchie to photograph the bridges. Also my Uncle, Arch Brown was related to Murchie. Arch Brown had a lot to do with Canadian tire and was extremely interested in Murchie the photographer. My mom gave him several of the pictures for his collection. Sam Smith settled in Mission BC. My mom’s maiden name was Beth Chester and she married Robert McCutcheon. She died three years ago. It was a huge regret for her that she never had the pictures returned or placed somewhere that family could still look at them.

    1. mmlam

      Hello Laura,

      Thanks very much for your comment and interest in our collections. We really appreciate you sharing your family history via your comment. Thanks for taking the time to comment and share.

      Best regards,
      The Digitization Centre Team

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